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The Company’s featured product is its user-friendly Internet website that provides our customers with both fee and non-fee based information services. Many of our qualified customers are invited to join our site as members, becoming eligible to view all of the proprietary information on our site.

Generally, individuals can use our site for free while companies pay a small monthly membership charge. In exchange for the monthly fee, members can access valuable up-to-the-minute information regarding businesses, commercial properties, and franchises for sale as well as placing advertisements on the CBE site.


 In addition to the electronic information services we offer, the Company is unique in also offering in-person services to our customers. CBE offers business brokerage services that can include:    (1) evaluation of the purchasers offer to purchase, (2) evaluation of buyer’s financial condition with respect to any offers, (3) legal assistance in processing sale documents, (4) intermediary services and negotiations, and (5) acting as the escrow agent to close the deal.