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The Company’s premier website, with its information rich data bases and unique proprietary software, can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to match buyer’s business needs to seller’s properties. Members can choose to receive automatic e-mail updates regarding newly listed properties and they can choose to add their own webpage to our directory. Unlike traditional property sales methods, the Company’s website offers both domestic and international customers, located in any time-zone, 24 hour a day searching capabilities and up-to-the-minute property updates.

CBE offers fee and non-fee-based information services on its website which includes listings of operating businesses for sale, franchise opportunities, government and private investment opportunities, and other business offerings and services.

At present, CBE’s “online marketplace” lists more than RMB 2 billion in properties for sale;

 CBE has extensive listings of commercial properties for sale or lease. CBE is a leading information provider to the commercial real estate industry, delivering a comprehensive suite of products and services to meet the local and national needs of commercial real estate firms, real estate organizations and professionals. CBE’s “online marketplace” presently lists more than 20 million square meters of property available for lease, rent or sale. CBE members can list, search, market, research and finance commercial real estate property transactions over the Internet - reducing their marketing costs, expanding their reach, accelerating the pace of transactions and enhancing their insights on the market.






Our on-line customer service is available 6 days a week, for those customers who might have a question or are in need of a technical help.