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Allan Sirotkin

 As President and CEO of China Business Exchange (“CBE”), Allan Sirotkin guides CBE strategic direction and overall company operations. Mr. Sirotkin brings over 22 years of strategy, marketing, operations and business management experience to CBE, including 5 years with computer operations and programming. Mr. Sirotkin also holds degree in Computer Science.   
Jeffrey A. Morse

 As General Counsel, Mr. Morse brings a distinguished legal reputation as well as experience in business management to China Business Exchange (“CBE”). Mr. Morse’s legal practice specializes in private banking and wealth preservation for high-net-worth individuals. This involves business and trust formation throughout the world. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Morse had over ten years business management experience in the United States.
Johnston Zhook

 As Chief Operating Officer of China Business Exchange (“CBE”), Mr. Zhook brings over two decades of experience directing the formation, operation, marketing, and general business management of companies throughout the world. Mr. Zhook has extensive experience with investment and business consulting throughout the world. Holding an advanced degree in economics and geology.





Julia Tang

 Ms. Tang brings years of financial business experience to the company. With a solid background in finance and administration and hotel management, Ms. Tang has had diversified experience in promoting and supporting differing business needs. Ms. Tang holds a degree in Finance and Economics, and she is a certified public accountant. She also holds post-graduate degrees in accounting from Australian Universities.


Zhu Li Wei

 As Chief Administrative Officer of China Business Exchange (“CBE”), Zhu Li Wei is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company . Prior to joining CBE, Ms. Zhu was in administrative management positions in large international companies such as General Electric. Ms. Zhu was previously a professor of business administration at the prestigious An Hui Textile Industry Academy. Ms. Zhu holds a masters degree in business administration.


Boris Rimar

 Boris Rimar will guide CBE in the development and technological advancement of computer software and hardware programs that will enable CBE to provide top of the line technological support. Mr. Rimar holds a science degree in electronic engineering. Mr.Rimar brings to CBE over 25 years of system integration, product development, software and hardware development, and prototyping.