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 All forms of “business exchange,” such as searching for a business to buy, advertising to sell or lease a business, or simply looking to invest in a business can be a very time consuming process -- even under the best of circumstances. Inspections, appraisals, advertising, negotiations, payment settlement, and hiring and working with the lawyers, accountants or escrow agents involved can take a significant amount of time.

 Because of the time, energy, and expertise involved it has become customary in fully developed markets to appoint specialists to handle the many tasks involved in transferring a business so the (business purchaser or business seller) can focus on their first priority – making their business successful and making a profit.


 CBE offers business brokerage services to its customers, thereby assisting the buyers and sellers through the offer, acceptance, and closing process. Included in this service is consulting with our customers on professional appraisals and inspections, the set-up and handling of escrow and/or trust accounts, establishing relationships with other professionals needed to evaluate the merits of the business exchange opportunity and to protect our customer’s interests.